We have discontinued making the Butter pretzels. This was due to a risk of cross-contamination with the butter/milk in them.


Ordering for the holidays? Please place your order early! We suggest having your order placed by December 7 to make sure that it will arrive in time. We get swamped with holiday orders and cannot keep after.

About Us

The bakery is family-owned. Henry Martin started the business in the 30’s. He passed it on to his nephew, Lloyd Martin, in the 70’s. Eleven years later, he, in turn, sold it to his brother, Clarence, the present owner. We work appx. 8-9 hour days, starting at 6 AM. We usually have one evening shift a week. A crew of 13 employees is ideal. We all get to do the various jobs so no one is twisting, etc. all day long. NO, we do not twist pretzels in our sleep because we do it enough during the day! We sometimes sing hymns and gospel songs as we work . We find this a worthwhile work to do till Jesus comes for us at the Rapture. This is a glorious hope indeed. Are you washed in His blood? Jesus paid it all!

Feel free to take pictures or ask questions.
Thank-you! Come again!