Some of the best pretzels around, plus a lot of selection for a good price. Don't let the looks of the building scare you away.

Ray Weaver

Picked up some pretzels and they offered us some fresh baked pretzels. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it was absolutely delicious. I bought half a dozen and ate them in one sitting. The best pretzels I’ve ever eaten!

Lanny Zimmerman

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They just don't make em like this anymore. Handrolled pretzels and you may even catch them singing a nice tune while working. One of a kind for sure.
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Gary Owen

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The women who work at the twisting table at Martin’s Pretzel Bakery in Akron, Pa., can twist about 10 pretzels a minute, producing more than 1,200 pounds of the salted snack a day.


James F. Lee

"Wow what a great little spot. The owner showed us around the pretzel making factory and gave us a fresh pretzel to try. We were so impressed by the care and thoughtfulness of the owner. I would definitely recommend!"


Ruth Hunsberger

Martin's Pretzel Bakery, family owned and operated for Generations. Their pretzels are handcrafted and are baked well. They have the lovely crunch that you long for in every pretzel. Make sure to pick your Martin's Pretzels up at your local grocer or convenience store. Also stop in and meet the great people that operate this bakery.



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